Monday, July 28, 2014

Journal Entries from My Trip to Seattle

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Today we drove to Portland. It was a really really really really really long drive. It took 12 hours. Korah slept most of it in the back seat.

We drove down the Columbia River most of Oregon. It was a lot of big, wide river and winding roads all along it. Oregon was surprisingly dry and brown. When we started to approach Portland it became green and lush like all the pictures advertise it as. Huge pine trees lined the highway. We checked into our hotel at about 6 and went to dinner. We went to a restaurant called Beaches. It was right on the riverfront and so pretty. We sat outside and enjoyed our meal. I ate some of moms salmon and some of dad’s oysters. As we left we stopped off across the street for a blackberry ice cream cone. We went back to our hotel and I crashed watching the Sounders vs Timbers soccer game on TV.

Monday, July 14, 2014

We finished the drive into Seattle today. It was gorgeously sunny all day. We started out on the piers. First was the aquarium. We touched starfish, sea cucumbers, tubeworms, and anemone. I got to see some really cute river otters and sea otters. We also watched them feed the sharks. When we finished the aquarium we jumped on an Argosy harbor tour. It was really fun cruising around and enjoying the rare Seattle sunshine.

When we got off the harbor tour we enjoyed an AMAZING lunch at Elliot’s. I had the crab cakes in a lime chili sauce.

It was the best! Mom had the cod and chips which was good too. Then we went over to the space needle. Mom was terrified of the elevator because it was all glass so you could see out as we went up the 605’ building. At the top, we took pictures and walked all the way around. It was still sunny and warm. We found a cute t-shirt for my nephew at the gift shop.

Then we went over to the EMP museum. It was very different than most museums because it was a music, sci-fi/fantasy and pop culture museum. I really enjoyed the sci-fi section. Captain Kirks chair was a feature. As was Darth Vader’s lightsaber and Neo’s coat. There were costumes and props from Chronicles of Narnia and the Dark Crystal. It was really cool. Once we finished there we got in the car and went to our hotel in Lynnwood.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In the morning we drove into Seattle and stopped at my favorite place; CenturyLink Field. Home of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Golden Tate; the incredible team that took home the Lombardi Trophy in the Super Bowl this year after destroying the Denver Broncos.

It was quite the experience wearing a #12 jersey and walking out onto the field. I was so elated when mom said I could get the $58 #12 Fan Jersey they had in the gift shop. And even more elated when later that day she got me a hat as well.

We left the stadium and went over to Pike’s Place Fish Market. Mom really wanted to see that. We saw fish being thrown and smelled so many beautiful flowers. Mom got some fruit, chocolate and visited a little cheese factory.

I ended up starving at the market and we walked over to Ivar’s to get some lunch/dinner. I had delicious fish tacos. They were so good. As we walked back to the market we stopped at a souvenir shop and got me the hat, Grant a t-shirt and mom a t-shirt. Mom and I also got a smashed penny. After another quick stop at the market we were all so tired we went back to our hotel and crashed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This morning we got up and took off for Vancouver, Canada. We crossed the border no problem. After getting lost a bit in the city, I managed to navigate us to Chinatown. We hopped out and walked around a bit.

We went over to Stanley Park and drove around. That was really pretty but we were so done being in the city. We crossed the Lionsgate Bridge and then crossed back over.

At that point we just wanted to go over to the Canada Vancouver Mission office and then to our hotel. We stopped in the mission office and said hello to all the senior couples. We gave them flowers that we had gotten at the Pike’s Place market.

Then we went to our hotel and rested for a bit. We went to dinner a little later at Olive Garden and I noticed that the menu was very different than the one in American Fork. In Langley, Canada the menu was full of seafood options. I had the crab topped chicken. It was delicious! I enjoyed every bite of it. On our way back to the hotel we drove past the Vancouver Temple. It was tiny, but peaceful.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We spent the day driving from Canada down to our hotel in Silverdale. We took the scenic route through the islands, crossing bridges and at one point we took a short ferry ride. I was so exhausted I basically slept through the entire drive. We finally stopped at a place called Poulsbo. It was the cutest little town with one street that they called “Little Norway”. It was a street full of shops and bakeries.

This was the most dog friendly place I’ve ever been. Dogs are welcome in almost every shop and there are water dishes lining the sidewalk. We even ate at a restaurant there and they were totally okay with me having Korah sit at the table with me. She was so cute begging for food. After dinner we went to our hotel in Silverdale and went to bed.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Today we took a ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. Dad has a weird thing for the ferry. He said to me “It’s like a cruise!” And I just laughed because I’ve been on a cruise and on a ferry before this and it is NOTHING like a cruise. It is a ferry. That is all. Then we did a day on the waterfront and at Pike’s Market again. It was a nice relaxing day at the market. No pressure to be anywhere else, just enjoyed shopping for fruit and stuff. Then we went over to the Pacific Science Center which turned out to be for little kids, but the butterfly house in it was really cool. They also had naked mole rats which are the ugliest darn creatures I’ve ever seen. That ended our days in Seattle and we headed to Chehalis where Uncle Stewart lives. We celebrated his birthday and visited with Cheryl and Amber for a bit before we went back to the hotel room and crashed.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today we got up and went to Poulsbo again. I love that town so much. After Paulsbo we went back to Chehalis to meet Rick’s wife Natasha. We spent a good 8 hours there visiting and playing with the cousins. Cheryl’s daughter Ruth was attached to me the entire time and I loved having her hang out with me. I also got Amber’s daughter Zella to play with me and Korah for a bit. I loved spending the day with family. After the party ended we began the drive home by going to Portland, Oregon and crashing in a hotel. The next day we completed the 12 hour drive home.

Korah and I LOVED Seattle!