Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ouch. Shots suck.

Today I went into the Health Department for my last missionary immunizations. Hepatitis A/B and Typhoid. The lady there warned me I might get sick from the typhoid shot. Both shots hurt like crazy but the Hep A/B one was the worst! Like peanut butter was being pushed into my arm through a straw!

I went home afterwards rubbing both arms. And check out where the nurse put the bandaid!

See that little red dot about an inch ABOVE the bandaid? That is where I got poked. 

I went on with the day as normal, but my mom insisted I take ibuprofen. I did. I got home feeling just exhausted, so I went upstairs to sleep. But I could NOT find a comfortable position since I am a side sleeper who just had both arms injected with vaccines. Laying on the bed, I got hotter and hotter. Checking my temperature, I found I had reached 100.5'F. Soon it was 100.8'F.

By 11 pm, while I am writing this post, I found I have reached 100.9'F. Joyful. It's definitely time for bed.

BUT Thank the heavens ALL my shots are DONE (Until I come home and have to receive the Hep A/B booster).

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