Thursday, August 25, 2011

Me Right Now

This is how I feel right now. Like I just want to curl up in my blankets.

Week of HUGE Changes


-Went to math. Impression of the professor: tall, gangly, and wears clothes a 13 year old would wear.
-Went to honors writing. Stared at the teacher as he talked about something but I didn't understand a word he was saying cause it FLEW over my head.
-Got home at noon and was super tired. Napped for 4 hours.
-Woke up, ate dinner, decided to drop the stupid writing class.


-Went to Educational Psychology, LOVED it.
-Skipped an honors history class and went straight to Psychology.
-Went to the bookstore. Bought books.
-Decided I had to have my car this weekend and got on the train to go home and get it. While on the train, they announced there was an accident blocking trax. Got off at Trolley.
-Walked over to Simmons Media Group and asked for an intern application, was hired on the spot.
-Got back on trax and rode to Riverton. Mom wasn't done working so I took a bus to her work.
-Went to Wingers with my mom and little brother. LOVED seeing them.
-Stopped at my second family's house and talked with them for a bit before heading back up to the U.


-Got my schedule fixed. Went to math. MOST BORING LECTURE EVER.
-Went to the new honors history class (even older history than the other one). LOVED that.
-Went back to the bookstore for my new history class books.
-Took trax to the radio station. Ate lunch with one of the DJ's. Filed papers.
-Got on the X96 short bus to go to Seven Peaks in Provo, just for fun. SUPER FUN!
-Got dropped off at my house in the short bus.

Its been a good week... Oh wait, it's been THREE DAYS. This has been a great few days and it's only gonna get better. I can't wait for it. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

College is Starting!

Its official! I am now moved into the University of Utah and classes start tomorrow! I'm super excited and just want it to hurry up and get going. Of course, in three weeks I'll likely be saying "I wish it would just end already!" 

Its been such a blessing having my mom around to help me get everything I need to move. She is the best! She got me everything I needed and I am so grateful! I love her!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hot Chelle Rae

Last week I found out I won tickets to meet Hot Chelle Rae, the band behind "Tonight Tonight" and "Bleed".  And so on wednesday, I picked up Grant and took him with me to the concert. We had a lot of fun watching them play and it was really cool to meet them. But our picture with them was a fail. Totally blurry and very dissapointing. The next day, I worked some magic and got Grant and I the hook up into a private lounge party, hosted by Mix 107.9, for another shot at the picture. We got that and more.

Ryan, Lead Singer

Nash, Guitarist

They answered questions, sang, and talked with us. They were really cool and I am glad I got to give Grant the oppourtunity to talk to them and learn from them. Thanks DJ Jared, Jake and Mix 107.9 for having Hot Chelle Rae come play for us!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Garrett & Caisa

On August 5th, 2011 Garrett and Caisa were sealed to each other for eternity in the Idaho Falls temple.

Garrett proposed while playing the game LIFE.

The day was gorgeous and Caisa was even more so.
Even with the giant construction vehicle in the background.

I am so happy for my brother and sister in law! They are perfect for each other and I wish them both the best throughout their own LIFE!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I don't know if you have heard of Pottermore or not, but if you are a Harry Potter fan, you will be excited to hear about the site JK Rowling is launching that dives deeper into the world of Harry Potter. I was overjoyed to hear that my life would not have to live without Hogwarts and the wizarding world I have come to love so much. This week, the site was avaliable to the most dedicated and knowledgeable of the series' fans. They allowed people who were able to figure out a clue and find the Magic Quill the priviledge of registering to enter the site early. So this morning I was up at 4 am, book open, laptop ready to enter the site. And I got in. Hurray! I am MAGICAL!

Trip to Logan

This past weekend my older brother was home for a visit before his wedding this week. Today my mom, little brother, cousin, and I loaded up the car to take him home to Logan. It was a peaceful drive once all the boys fell asleep in the backseat. Once we got there we toured his apartment, and an apartment my cousin was thinking of renting. Then we went over to my mom's cousin's pizza place. They just moved from Kentucky and had bought Fox's Pizza Den. It was honestly the best pizza I have ever had in my life. I got the Buffalo Chicken pizza, which is a pizza crust, buffalo wing sauce, chicken, cheese, and ranch dressing. Sounds weird I know but I promise, BEST PIZZA EVER. If you ever have a chance to go I highly recommend it.