Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week of HUGE Changes


-Went to math. Impression of the professor: tall, gangly, and wears clothes a 13 year old would wear.
-Went to honors writing. Stared at the teacher as he talked about something but I didn't understand a word he was saying cause it FLEW over my head.
-Got home at noon and was super tired. Napped for 4 hours.
-Woke up, ate dinner, decided to drop the stupid writing class.


-Went to Educational Psychology, LOVED it.
-Skipped an honors history class and went straight to Psychology.
-Went to the bookstore. Bought books.
-Decided I had to have my car this weekend and got on the train to go home and get it. While on the train, they announced there was an accident blocking trax. Got off at Trolley.
-Walked over to Simmons Media Group and asked for an intern application, was hired on the spot.
-Got back on trax and rode to Riverton. Mom wasn't done working so I took a bus to her work.
-Went to Wingers with my mom and little brother. LOVED seeing them.
-Stopped at my second family's house and talked with them for a bit before heading back up to the U.


-Got my schedule fixed. Went to math. MOST BORING LECTURE EVER.
-Went to the new honors history class (even older history than the other one). LOVED that.
-Went back to the bookstore for my new history class books.
-Took trax to the radio station. Ate lunch with one of the DJ's. Filed papers.
-Got on the X96 short bus to go to Seven Peaks in Provo, just for fun. SUPER FUN!
-Got dropped off at my house in the short bus.

Its been a good week... Oh wait, it's been THREE DAYS. This has been a great few days and it's only gonna get better. I can't wait for it. :)

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