Friday, July 6, 2012

Florida 2012

Day 1: Epcot!
Favorite Ride of the Day: Soarin'
Favorite thing that happened: Ilene jumped when a firework went off on the Soarin' screen. It shook the whole ride!

Still at Epcot, enjoyed turtle talk with Crush.

Awesome ride! Love smelling the oranges :)

Day 2: Magic Kingdom
Favorite Ride: Space Mountain
Favorite thing that happened: We went on Splash Mountain and everyone was making fun of me because I am afraid of water. It's a good thing I have a sense of humor because I can laugh about it.

We got a smoked turkey leg to share in Magic Kingdom while we watched the parade go by.

Day 3: Animal Kingdom
Favorite Ride: Expedition Everest
Favorite thing that happened: The rain came pouring down and so while we sat down for lunch, most people left the park. The rain stopped and we had a great time in a nearly empty park!

On the safari; we got stuck in a herd of giraffes! Cute!

This guy is a stud!

Favorite! Rode 5 times this day.

Day 4: Temple and rest day!
Favorite thing: getting to do 10 baptisms and 5 confirmations.

Day 5: Back to Epcot!
Favorite ride now: Mission to Mars! (Everyone was telling me how sick they got on it but I was not even fazed by it. I could have gone a few times.)
Favorite thing that happened: We spent about an hour in Japan, just looking at the shop. It was a nerd fest in there and we all loved it!

Canada! (We forgot there was a Canada until we walked past it.)

Japan! In the pouring rain!

Day 6: Hollywood Studios- Star Wars Weekend
Favorite Ride(s): Star Tours, Rock'n'Rollercoaster, Hollywood Tower Hotel (AKA Tower of Terror)
Favorite thing that happened: Dawniel and I went on Hollywood Tower Hotel three times when Joe, Ilene and Emily left the park for a while.

"Volunteer" they said. "It'll be fun" they said.

LOVED being there for Star Wars weekend. LOVED Star Tours. LOVED all the characters.

Once again, pouring rain, but this time we were okay with it!

Day 7: Back to Magic Kingdom
Favorite Ride: Still Space Mountain (Ended up riding it 7 times, this picture was taken right before the 5th time)
Favorite thing that happened: We went to the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and they put Emily and I up on the screen with the caption that said "Loving all the attention!"

Day 8: Back to Animal Kingdom
Favorite Ride: Still Expedition Everest!
Favorite thing that happened: Joe went to see Finding Nemo the Musical and Dawniel and I rode Expedition Everest SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW. This picture was taken just before the tenth time (I rode it 12 times total)  

Day 9: Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
Favorite Rides: The Hulk, Dueling Dragons, and Spiderman!
Favorite thing that happened: After a huge drama involving getting on the Dueling Dragons, I got to go on it, but I didn't want to go alone. So I convinced Joe to go with me. We got on and I asked him, "Do you hate me now?" and he said, "Absolutely". It was a really fun ride but I think what made it more fun was looking at Joe at the end of it and seeing the hatred in his eyes.

I love Spiderman with all my heart, and this ride was really cool!

The Hulk goes upside down 7 times. I went on it three times in a row!

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