Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birthday Story

> So on my birthday, I awoke to my Latina roomates and Hnas Nielson and
> Quarez singing Happy Birthday to me. It was a pretty much normal day
> after that but then at lunch everyone was acting super weird. Then
> they all DISAPPEARED. I could not find my companion or anyone. Then
> Hermana Nielson comes out of the kitchen and takes me by the hand. She
> leads me back into the kitchen where all my missionary friends and my
> friends on the kitchen staff are all singing to me. Then I see a PINK
> PIG cake! I almost started to cry. The kitchen staff had found out
> that it was my birthday and because I am one of their favorite
> missionaries (and they make me special meals everytime there is
> pork...) they had made me a chocolate birthday cake. They said that
> this would be the only piggy I will ever eat. It was very nice. Later
> I found out that they broke a rule doing that but because they are not
> members they did not get in trouble. That was the best part of my
> birthday. Im trying to get the pictures that the kitchen staff had
> taken of it.... Well I have to go, but I will write letters soon. I
> love you all! Hugs and Kisses!!!!
> --
> Hermana Heather Shoop
> El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Mission

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