Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 3 CCM

> So on Sundays here we go to sacrament, and everyone has a talk
> prepared, because they announce the speakers in the meeting without
> telling them before hand that they will be speaking. I told my teacher
> on saturday that I hadnt had a good sunday here yet because I spent so
> much time worrying about them calling me up to give a talk. He told me
> not to worry about it, and said that I would not be giving a talk the
> next day. I had the best sacrament meeting because I was so relaxed
> and not worried about anything. THEN they called my name... Hermana
> Shop... Shup...? (The Latins NEVER say it right). I had a mini heart
> attack in my seat, but I went up and I gave a talk on how God reveals
> the gospel in every dispensation, IN SPANISH. It was terrifying but I
> felt so good afterwards. I am just glad that Hermana Nielson had her
> talk ready for me to read, because I only wrote about a minutes worth
> of it, and so I gave her talk (But almost all of the Nortes talks are
> the same because we basically copy them out of Preach My Gospel.).
> Yesterday I had the MOST SPIRITUAL DAY since I have been here. I got
> one on one lesson during Book of Mormon study time, on the Atonement.
> And then I got private language tutoring. And then our night teachers
> gave the best lesson on How the Book of Mormon answers questions of
> the soul. And we each got to bear our testimony of the Book of Mormon.
> It was so happy. I loved it. I love you all. 
> Hermana Heather Shoop
> El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Mission

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