Saturday, April 13, 2013

Priesthood Power

> So my favorite talk in Conference was Elder Eyrings talk and also
> Elder Falabellas talk. Look them up and reread them if you get the
> chance. Sunday night after conference, Presidente held a devotional
> and he mentioned that someone at the CCM had invited a bad spirit in.
> He said that at 10pm he was going to hold a prayer to cast out the bad
> spirit. It was shocking to all of us because we had heard nothing of
> it before that. So at 10, Presidente comes down and we are all
> kneeling silently as he tells us about a dream he had after he was
> called to be the CCM Presidente and before he moved into the CCM. He
> said that in the dream there was a mob of angry people outside the
> gate trying to get in, and just inside the gate were Lamanite and
> Nephite warriors defending the CCM. He said that the Presidente before
> him had had the exact same dream before he was Presidente. He then
> cast out the evil spirit, blessed us and sent us to bed. It was a very
> powerful prayer and an amazing story. It is cool to know that we are
> being protected. I love you all and will write you next week from EL
> SALVADOR!!!!!!!!! Dear Elder me a lot. I love you.
> LOVE, Hermana Heather Shoop.

> Hermana Heather Shoop
> El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Mission

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